Saturday, March 1, 2014

Gummy Vitamins...why didn't WE think of that?


Gummy Bears have been around for as long as I can remember and someone JUST thought to do this?
It's amazing how many opportunities can be sitting right in front of our face until the proper motivation comes along and turns simplicity into opportunity.

Wherever possible, there should be, "gummy- everything." Let's get that gummy scientist guy to start cranking out some real solutions:

  1. gummy spinach
  2. gummy cough syrup
  3. gummy instant abs and weight loss
If they don't have #3 available, they should. 

All we need to do is find ONE thing that tastes good and makes you LOSE weight instead of gaining it.

Seems impossible, yet here we are- eating candy to get our vitamins. 


Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bacon and why you should eat it

On Friday I saw the results of a study which stated that if you eat the equivalent of three pieces of bacon and a whole pork sausage every day that your chances of getting cancer increase by 19%. Wow, 19% that's a big number! But let me ask you, WHO really needed that study to tell us that (gosh I hope my tax dollars weren't involved)? What person in today's world of maniacal vegans and health food stores did NOT know that you should not have the same eating habits as Homer Simpson?

Once a weekend (barring a show or tremendous hangover) I make myself bacon and eggs because it REALLY tastes good and I'm rewarding myself in a fashion most reminiscent of my childhood with my mother and grandparents making a family breakfast for all to share. So I eat bacon- and will continue- just like I have a beer and a shot every now and again. But life has taught me that if I have too many beers and shots on consecutive days (yes I have tested this theory) that my body gets run down and feels like crap- so I choose my actions wisely (or at least try to :).

The point is-enjoy life and accept those things which we need to do in moderation. Take time to smell the roses, drink your beer, and eat your bacon.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Be a star! Stolen Car photo montage

So I've decided to tribute a production of Stolen Car by Bruce Springsteen. This song (to me) captures the essence of honesty, sincerity, and adversity- and wraps it into a big soul sandwich. I'm inviting all of my friends and fans to send me pics of themselves in front of their car and make a YouTube vid which will stand the test of time and memorialize people in our past, present and future brought together by music, and a machine which we use to express our freedom and ourselves.

I always enjoy performing this piece- and I'm hopeful that the video will capture the same spirit of the song which inspired my production.

Email your pics in front of your car to and I'll keep you posted on the video :)

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Take advantage of Free Stuff - especially when it's a learning experience.

For all of the hassles technology can bring us, it does have its moments. I am constantly trying to hone my crafts of execution both instrumentally and vocally- and while I did take a vocal lesson or two here when I arrived in Vegas, and a dozen or so before I left Philly, I have actually learned a tremendous amount from various vocal coaches online. I've found some benefit not only from the reduced costs (including time and transportation) of attending live lessons, but also because I can learn various methods from various coaches as I develop my own style - which is tougher to do if you're only learning from one person.

It's nothing new that YouTube can be a great teacher- and certainly nothing can take the place of personal, professional instruction- but if you're considering learning how to sing-even if just for fun, it's easier than you think to get good advice online. And if you're looking for some good videos, drop me a line and I'm happy to send you links to a few that I've studied.

Have a great weekend.

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Sunday, February 9, 2014

Building the website

So I decided to build my own website using and I am having a blast learning how to do this and how to insert the various widgets and live feeds from other sites. I even discovered a free music player where you can stream all your favorite artists all day, every day. I'm looking forward to adding new features which will enable fans to watch live feeds of rehearsals and shows from across the country and the world via the internet.

There are times when technology can be a pain but for today's independent artist there have never been so many amazing tools available to spread the word about great music with fans who truly appreciate it.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why texting sucks and why telling people to f*&k off is important

Texting certainly has its place in society and is an invaluable tool for short messages which do not require a convo (e.g. I'm on my way home, the kids are alright, I remembered the milk etc).

Unfortunately for many, (mostly in our younger demographic), texting has attempted to replace true connection. So yeah there it is I said it- texting DISCONNECTS more than it connects because the majority of the population who text others attempt to substitute it for live conversation- (in person or via phone) which it can never do.

I never text my parents or close friends because I enjoy the dynamic of a real, live conversation (I've never been able to capture the feeling of hearing my mom laugh over a text). In real-time you can't edit yourself, but u can always edit a text or Facebook message. People who have connections ONLY through this media kid only themselves into believing that there is a connection where there really is not.

It's important to tell people who text or Facebook you to f-off every now and again- not because you're mean, but because you respect THEIR time enough to let them know they should be spending it elsewhere. And also, if you're one of those, "texty," people, please look in the mirror and decide who you should connect with rather than making some worthless attempt at self-worth by deluding yourself into believing you have more, "friends," than you really do.

At the end of the day texting is like fire- you can use it to light your room or burn your stupid self to the ground- but know that when you recognize life for the few minutes we have to share it, it's worth sharing in a format that has more than 0's and 1's.


Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Memories, Time and Money

They say that time is money, but that is not true...
You can make more money, but you cannot make more time.

Music is the vessel that connects us to our memories that makes time more worthwhile.
Making memories is an important part of being human.
And that is why we make music.