Sunday, February 23, 2014

Bacon and why you should eat it

On Friday I saw the results of a study which stated that if you eat the equivalent of three pieces of bacon and a whole pork sausage every day that your chances of getting cancer increase by 19%. Wow, 19% that's a big number! But let me ask you, WHO really needed that study to tell us that (gosh I hope my tax dollars weren't involved)? What person in today's world of maniacal vegans and health food stores did NOT know that you should not have the same eating habits as Homer Simpson?

Once a weekend (barring a show or tremendous hangover) I make myself bacon and eggs because it REALLY tastes good and I'm rewarding myself in a fashion most reminiscent of my childhood with my mother and grandparents making a family breakfast for all to share. So I eat bacon- and will continue- just like I have a beer and a shot every now and again. But life has taught me that if I have too many beers and shots on consecutive days (yes I have tested this theory) that my body gets run down and feels like crap- so I choose my actions wisely (or at least try to :).

The point is-enjoy life and accept those things which we need to do in moderation. Take time to smell the roses, drink your beer, and eat your bacon.