Saturday, February 15, 2014

Take advantage of Free Stuff - especially when it's a learning experience.

For all of the hassles technology can bring us, it does have its moments. I am constantly trying to hone my crafts of execution both instrumentally and vocally- and while I did take a vocal lesson or two here when I arrived in Vegas, and a dozen or so before I left Philly, I have actually learned a tremendous amount from various vocal coaches online. I've found some benefit not only from the reduced costs (including time and transportation) of attending live lessons, but also because I can learn various methods from various coaches as I develop my own style - which is tougher to do if you're only learning from one person.

It's nothing new that YouTube can be a great teacher- and certainly nothing can take the place of personal, professional instruction- but if you're considering learning how to sing-even if just for fun, it's easier than you think to get good advice online. And if you're looking for some good videos, drop me a line and I'm happy to send you links to a few that I've studied.

Have a great weekend.

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