Saturday, February 8, 2014

Why texting sucks and why telling people to f*&k off is important

Texting certainly has its place in society and is an invaluable tool for short messages which do not require a convo (e.g. I'm on my way home, the kids are alright, I remembered the milk etc).

Unfortunately for many, (mostly in our younger demographic), texting has attempted to replace true connection. So yeah there it is I said it- texting DISCONNECTS more than it connects because the majority of the population who text others attempt to substitute it for live conversation- (in person or via phone) which it can never do.

I never text my parents or close friends because I enjoy the dynamic of a real, live conversation (I've never been able to capture the feeling of hearing my mom laugh over a text). In real-time you can't edit yourself, but u can always edit a text or Facebook message. People who have connections ONLY through this media kid only themselves into believing that there is a connection where there really is not.

It's important to tell people who text or Facebook you to f-off every now and again- not because you're mean, but because you respect THEIR time enough to let them know they should be spending it elsewhere. And also, if you're one of those, "texty," people, please look in the mirror and decide who you should connect with rather than making some worthless attempt at self-worth by deluding yourself into believing you have more, "friends," than you really do.

At the end of the day texting is like fire- you can use it to light your room or burn your stupid self to the ground- but know that when you recognize life for the few minutes we have to share it, it's worth sharing in a format that has more than 0's and 1's.